Weekly readings – 7th August 2020

What I wrote last week

Uber’s latest quarter

Apple’s acquisition of this promising fintech startup from Canada


Inside Netflix’s Quest to Become a Global TV Giant

US citizens increasingly moved to Canada through its Express Entry program

Content creators on YouTube that no longer rely on advertising dollars on the platform grew 40% between Jan and May 2020

Why Microsoft wants Tiktok

A sensible piece on Amazon, its private label and the antitrust issue that it has to deal with

Eugene Wei’s latest essay is on TikTok and it’s good

ARK’s latest white paper on SaaS

How Tim Cook has molded Apple into his own version, not Steve Jobs’


Apple secured a new patent that could equip Apple Watch with odor sensor technology

What’s the Big Deal About Revit? Understanding the Role of Autodesk Revit in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Other stuff that I think is interesting

Inside look at CloudKitchens

Bill Gates’ conversation on Covid-19

Weekly readings – 23rd November 2019

Illustrating Senator Warren’s Taxes on Capital Income

Nuclear power, everyone?

An oral history of Limewire: The little app that changed the music industry forever

How Turkish coffee destroyed an empire

Harnessing the Power of Shower Thoughts

The man who repossesses multimillion-dollar airplanes

Federal court rules suspicionless searches of travelers’ phones and laptops unconstitutional

This Is How the U.S. Military’s Massive Facial Recognition System Works

Canada is the world’s newest tax haven

Chinese tourists now prefer sustainable travel

The biggest informal recycling center in Saigon, Vietnam

Weekly readings – 26th October 2019

AWS Customers Rack Up Hefty Bills for Moving Data. Cloud spending isn’t as cheap as some may think.

The Heart of a Swimmer vs. the Heart of a Runner

Source: DuckDuckGo

Craftmanship in 1930 Vietnam as Seen in Paris Specialized Municipal Libraries. If you want to see a little bit of how Vietnam looked almost 100 years ago, here is a great article

Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan

Is Amazon Unstoppable?

News tab on Facebook

A great post with usrprising details on the spectacular fall of WeWork

Weekly Readings – 3rd August 2019

The Streaming Wars: Its Models, Surprises, and Remaining Opportunities

Disney’s remakes have made more than $7 billion globally since 2010

Waste Only. How The Plastics Industry Is Fighting To Keep Polluting The World

Canada’s forgotten rainforest. Whenever I read something about deforestation, my heart sinks. We should be advanced enough as a race to stop deforestation.

Netflix Splurges on Big-Budget Movies. Some important details to note regarding Netflix offered in this article

How the state runs business in China

Netflix and software

How Digital Advertising Markets Really Work