Weekly readings – 2nd November 2019

How Pizza Hut stopped innovating its pizza and fell behind Domino’s

Spotify Saved the Music Industry. Now What?

An interesting study on how Americans personally view success and perceived success by others

Source: Gallup

Anglo American closes in on Peruvian copper bounty

Inside the iPhone 11 Camera, Part 1: A Completely New Camera

Biology is Eating the World: A Manifesto

Venmo vs. Cash App: A Look Inside the Most Popular Consumer Finance Products in the US

Weekly readings – 12th October 2019

Through Vietnam’s Stories of Coffee and Rice, a Trio Finds Where Art and History Meet

To grow tech startups’ success, Malaysian government becomes a venture capitalist

Over 25% of your cable bills may well be bogus fees, says Consumer Reports

Drivers Say Reporting Assault to Lyft is ‘Extremely Traumatic’

How I failed

Writing is Thinking: Learning to Write with Confidence

The Google SEO Bible: Everything a Startup Needs to Know. I have to say that even if you follow all

The Untold Story About the Founding of Google Maps

iphone 11 pro camera review: china

Update on China’s bike-sharing