Notable statistics from Microsoft Q4 FY19 Earning Calls

Since I am taking notes while reading through Microsoft’s earning call transcript, I thought: why not sharing it here?

  • Microsoft Teams 13 million daily active users and 19 million weekly active users. In March, it was reported that Teams is used by 500,000 organizations
  • GitHub is used by more than 36 million developers
  • 54 data Center regions, more than any other cloud provider and we were the first in Middle East and in Africa
  • More than 90% of Fortune 500 use Power or Dynamics 365
  • LinkedIn has 645 million members
  • Windows 10 is active on more than 800 million devices
  • Xbox Live Monthly Active Users increased to a record 65 million
  • Microsoft Azure’s contracted not realized revenue is $91 billion
  • There are 34.8 million Office 365 consumer subscriptions
  • LinkedIn revenue increased 25% and 28% in constant currency with continued strength across all businesses, highlighted by marketing solutions growth of 42%. LinkedIn sessions grew 22%, with record levels of engagement and job postings again this quarter.
  • Free cash flow increased by 62% YoY to $12 billion in Q4 FY 19. FCF for the fiscal year 2019 is $$38 billion, 18% growth compared to FCF of fiscal year 2018
  • Xbod hardware revenue dropped by 48% while Xbox service and software revenue slipped by 3%
Source: Microsoft