Weekly readings – 27th July 2019

Tourist Journalism Versus the Working Class. A long but interesting account of an Amazon employee who offers his critical opinion on John Oliver’s segment on Amazon.

Kashew Cheese Is The Future Of Vegan Food In Vietnam. An article on a female entrepreneur who uses cashews to make cheese in Vietnam

Why is airport food so expensive?

BEC Scams Average $301 Million Per Month In Illegal Transfers.

Appleā€™s Heir Apparent Is Much More Like Tim Cook Than Steve Jobs

Apple Dominates App Store Search Results, Thwarting Competitors. An interesting article on the appearance of Apple’s own apps app on its App Store

Inside Apple Factory Thefts: Secret Tunnels, Hidden Crawl Spaces. Fascinating coverage on the security aspect at Apple’s suppliers.

The Trust Crisis

Apple Music’s Next Era — And the New Leader Spurring Global Growth