National Park Visits – Stats and Tableau Dashboard

I decided to take on the challenge of making a Tableau dashboard on which data on national park visits can be found. The intention is to show that Tableau has some cool features that allow the communication of complex data in an easy-to-digest way. Others have done a phenomenal job visualizing the data. See here for some inspiration. My dashboard covers a lot more ground, but lacks the aesthetics and creative flair that others possess.

Data can be found here:

A few notes on how to use the dashboard:

  • You can choose which park type to look at. Once you click on a value, the map will change accordingly and so will the table next to it that shows specifically the parks belonging to that category
  • Next the parks’ names, there are values shown as “abc”. Hover your mouse over them to get the specific values for each park
  • You can choose aggregating methods (Sum, Max, Min…)
  • You can choose to look at either Recreational or Non-recreational visitors
  • Of course, there is a slider that allows you to choose specific time frame
  • You may want to use a laptop to look at the dashboard. My experience of using a phone didn’t go very well 

Enjoy! Hopefully you’ll find it useful


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