Clumsy 1st poem

Always wanted to test the water in the poem area. Some clumsy words put together:

  • During a day at times I brood over you
  • All the things we did together
  • The love, the laugh, the cry
  • You were THE love I ever knew


  • 5 years is a very long time
  • But we let it all squandered away
  • You did screw it up babe
  • But some of them were also mine


  • I am sorry for how it went
  • I drank myself to sleep sometimes
  • Thinking how different it should have been
  • All the notes I wrote but never sent


  • I wish you would say how sorry you are
  • “This is the truth I never told” truly
  • Though it hurt and bruised a heart
  • Wouldn’t it be a great start?

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