Official Transcripts and fees

I was having my coffee at a shop in Austin when I ran across this piece on the local newspapers that is really annoying.


On top of high tuition fees and textbook prices, students have to pay for a host of other fees that in some cases are truly outrageous. In this particular article, it’s just ludicrous when an official transcript costs $10 to $20. A few weeks ago, I had to pay $75 in total to receive my two official diplomas, something that was beyond me. Official diplomas should be automatically free for graduating students, instead of costing almost a week of food. Plus, students have to pay $100 to borrow a gown for 3 hours on our Graduation Day. Graduation Day is a glorious culmination of months of hard-work, supposedly so, at school. Yet, in order to taste the sweetness of our hard-work, students have to pay an outrageous amount of fees which can amount to a significant sum for low-income students and families. I just think that it’s not right.

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