Tool: Design Ideas in PowerPoint

A late night preparation for Monday’s work led me to the discovery of an interesting feature in PowerPoint. I have no idea how I got to have it on my Mac, but I am pleased that I do. 

Apparently, there is a Design Ideas feature in PowerPoint. After some text is added to a slide, the feature suggests ideas how to structure a slide. Below is an example I got

1st round of suggestions on a slide with simple text

The lock icon is suggested because of, I guess, my use of the words “encryption” and “security”. After I chose that particular design, the tool kept feeding me more suggestions based on what I chose

2nd round of suggestions 

This tool is not perfect, of course. Yet, it can be pretty handy to anyone desiring to deliver an effective presentation. It’s the whole point, isn’t it? Using visuals and effects to drive home the message, instead of a sea of characters and words. 

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