Keep it simple. It’s OK to be boring

I used to have colorful chinos and pants in my wardrobe. Blue, pink, black, red, white and green, just to name a few on the top of my head. Yup, I was a tad too much back in the day. It is representative of the old me. Now, I make an effort to keep everything as simple as possible.

I order my coffee black. Every single time. In the largest size possible. To the point now that the local shop in Old Town of Omaha knows what I order when I walk through the door. I don’t like the headache of choosing from a menu or running out of coffee while I am working.

My professional outfit now consists of shirts in white and several shades of blue + jeans and a pair of khaki + brown shoes. Sometimes I put on a blue sweater as well. But the selection stops there. Definitely a much more boring wardrobe that what I used to gather.

I like to cook…only simple meals like this one below. Roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and rice

If you look for easy recipes, try these. They work very well for me:

Honey Garlic Shrimps

One pan honey garlic chicken

Spaghetti and Kale

I don’t own a car. My workplace is literally one block from where I live. No parking. No car insurance. No time wasted on looking for a slot

I don’t have a 3 or 5 year plan any more. I hardly plan anything farther than 2 weeks ahead. I pretty much book last minute flights nowadays.

If you and I disagree on something, so be it. I don’t psycho-analyze it. It is what it is. We simply disagree. Not much emotion involved.

There is an argument to be made that simplicity brings about predictability and predictability is boring. I get it. But for me, keeping things simple is liberating. It saves me time and energy from making too many decisions. I am content with “as long as it works/I like it/it’s good enough” approach in many aspects of my life nowadays. Much less baggage. Much more freedom.

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