Weekly Readings – 13th April 2019

You Could Have Today. Instead You Choose Tomorrow. A great post by Ryan Holiday on living in the moment.

The Design of Apple’s Credit Card. An in-depth look on the design of Apple Card. I personally cannot wait to experience the card

South Korea once recycled 2% of its food waste. Now it recycles 95%. An interesting read on how South Korea is tackling the food waste problem, a problem that America is facing as well.

5-star phonies: Inside the fake Amazon review complex.

The Rough Stuff: Understanding Aggressive Consensual Sex. An interesting study on rough behavior in the bedroom.

Lyft vs Uber: A Tale of Two S-1’s. A look at the unit economics of the two ride-sharing companies.

How the Paradox of the Term ‘Original Series’ Explains the Video Industry (Netflix Misunderstandings, Pt. 4). If you are interested in media, technology and strategy, follow Matthew Ball. He is just awesome.

15 months of fresh hell inside Facebook. A fantastic write-up on how Facebook dealt with a barrage of scandals

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