The end of Suits, that show about loyalty

Suits is a series that I have been following for a few years. Though the show doesn’t appeal to audience as much as it did (partly because of other shows and partly because of the writing itself), Suits still holds a place in my heart.

The chemistry between Harvey and Mike or Harvey and Donna is one to dream of. The way Harvey managed Mike is a true example of leadership. There are quite many different definitions of leadership, but what Harvey did for Mike is what I consider actions of a true leader: allow subordinates to grow, take blame when things go south and make sure employees get the credit when due. But it’s not the biggest reason why I love the show. One of the dominant themes in Suits is loyalty to people through thicks and thins, and nothing demonstrates it more than this scene, in my opinion:

The older I get, the more I appreciate the trust others lay in me and the close relationships I have, albeit with a small number of folks only. Loyalty is a two way street that is sacred, beautiful and hard to come by. If you have it, try to keep it.

For all the good memories and life lessons, I’ll miss Suits.

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