Microsoft – A well-oiled, expertly run and growing giant

Microsoft is one of the three tech giants, along with Facebook and Apple, that reported a blow-out quarter this past week. What impressed me is that Microsoft is a giant that recorded $43 billion as quarterly revenue in Q2 FY2020 AND grew at an unbelievable clip of 17% YoY for a company that size….AND showed improved efficiency with the operating margin of 42% in the latest quarter. Looking deeper at the segments, they have all exhibited growth, especially their Office Products, Cloud, Server Products and LinkedIn.

Some of their notable and strategic products continue to show their strengths. Microsoft 365 Consumer Subscriber Base stood at 47.5 million in Q2 FY2021 and its YoY growth is the highest since FY 2018. Even though its YoY growth has been hampered by the law of big numbers, Azure hasn’t seen this number dip below 40% since FY 2017. Teams, the product that has attracted a lot of attention so far during the pandemic, also saw great adoption from corporations and had 115 million Daily Active Users as of Q1 2021.

I created some charts here that hopefully can help show what an incredible business Microsoft is right now.

Microsoft's quarterly revenue
Figure 1 – Microsoft’s quarterly revenue. Source: Microsoft
Microsoft's segment revenue
Figure 2 – Microsoft’s segment revenue. Source: Microsoft
Microsoft's operating margin
Figure 3 – Microsoft’s operating margin. Source: Microsoft
Microsoft segments operating income, including Productivity & Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud and More Personal Computing
Figure 4- Microsoft’s segment operating income. Source: Microsoft
Microsoft's consumer subscriber base and YoY growth
Figure 5- Microsoft 365 Consumer Subscriber Base and YoY Growth. Source: Microsoft
Azure YoY Growth
Figure 6- Azure YoY Growth. Source: Microsoft
Teams adoption from corporations
Figure 7 – Teams adoption among corporations. Source: Microsoft

Disclaimer: I own Microsoft stocks in my portfolio

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