Weekly readings – 7th March 2020

The berry that keeps Asia looking young

Inside the wild world of government auctions

AmEx Staff Misled Small-Business Owners to Boost Card Sign-Ups

Earth may have been a ‘water world’ 3bn years ago, scientists find

A long piece on Rebecca Neumann, her husband and WeWork

iPhone 11 Pro vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra camera comparison: Which phone is best?

Leaked Document Shows How Big Companies Buy Credit Card Data on Millions of Americans

2019 Influencer Marketing Report

What Happens to Stocks After a Big Down Month?

How Expedia Solved a $100 Million Customer Service Nightmare

a WSJ’s report on how much doctors in China worked to save lives in China from the Coronavirus

62-mile car-free highway for cyclists in Germany

Dams, Sand, Rice: The Life and Possible Death of the Mekong Delta

The race to save Polesia, Europe’s secret Amazon

Caffeine Boosts Problem-Solving Ability but Not Creativity, Study Indicates

Flagship Androids lose value twice as fast as iOS devices

Weekly readings – 8th February 2020

Spotify: The Ambient Media Company

Behind Amazonโ€™s HQ2 Fiasco: Jeff Bezos Was Jealous of Elon Musk

Macro trends in tech by Ben Evans

The everything town in the middle of nowhere. An interesting piece on how Amazon changed an obscure town

The year startups took over the Super Bowl

Eating honey is more complicated than you might think

Can Lemon-Scented Stations and Billions of Dollars Get Americans Into Trains?

Eating honey is more complicated than you might think

How Andre Iguodala handled his rare NBA sabbatical

A French Photographer’s Portrait of Saigon in 1866

Germanyโ€™s overdose of renewable energy. Part 2 of a two-part series on the role of nuclear power in the age of climate change and the case study of Germany.

On Resigning from Google

A great story with rich visual effects on how climate change has affected Norway.

Weekly readings – 4th Jan 2020

Issues with speed reading

Algorithmic Radicalization โ€” The Making of a New York Times Myth. A primary issue I have with this piece is that I wish it were presented in a more understandable manner, as in the diagrams and charts should have been easier to understand

Nestle Faces New Coffee Rival as Vietnam Targets Instant Market

Focus is a huge competitive advantage

Good Enough is Good Enough

Vietnam only looks good on paper

Electric Cars Threaten the Heart of Germanyโ€™s Economy

A massive and expensive problem called returns for retailers in the holiday season