Weekly readings – 7th March 2020

The berry that keeps Asia looking young

Inside the wild world of government auctions

AmEx Staff Misled Small-Business Owners to Boost Card Sign-Ups

Earth may have been a ‘water world’ 3bn years ago, scientists find

A long piece on Rebecca Neumann, her husband and WeWork

iPhone 11 Pro vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra camera comparison: Which phone is best?

Leaked Document Shows How Big Companies Buy Credit Card Data on Millions of Americans

2019 Influencer Marketing Report

What Happens to Stocks After a Big Down Month?

How Expedia Solved a $100 Million Customer Service Nightmare

a WSJ’s report on how much doctors in China worked to save lives in China from the Coronavirus

62-mile car-free highway for cyclists in Germany

Dams, Sand, Rice: The Life and Possible Death of the Mekong Delta

The race to save Polesia, Europe’s secret Amazon

Caffeine Boosts Problem-Solving Ability but Not Creativity, Study Indicates

Flagship Androids lose value twice as fast as iOS devices

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