Random poem #2

Determined to get better at writing, I forced myself to sit down till I actually put together something. Here it is, a short poem.

Come here if you wanna know

How Midwest summer really is

Green leaves blossom on the trees

Happy faces are all that you see


By dawn, the night bids its goodbye

Making way for the gorgeous sunlight

15 hours long, it will be

For the sun truly takes its hike


Contrary to what you think

Work in the summer is not easier

Beautiful and enticing sun

Makes us nothing but much less efficient


Every day I look out from the office window

Longing badly to bathe in the sun

To walk, to hike and to bike

To really revel in the summer fun

Clumsy 1st poem

Always wanted to test the water in the poem area. Some clumsy words put together:

  • During a day at times I brood over you
  • All the things we did together
  • The love, the laugh, the cry
  • You were THE love I ever knew


  • 5 years is a very long time
  • But we let it all squandered away
  • You did screw it up babe
  • But some of them were also mine


  • I am sorry for how it went
  • I drank myself to sleep sometimes
  • Thinking how different it should have been
  • All the notes I wrote but never sent


  • I wish you would say how sorry you are
  • “This is the truth I never told” truly
  • Though it hurt and bruised a heart
  • Wouldn’t it be a great start?