Archive of Startups Pitch Deck and Airtable

As part of my job is related to building sales decks, I am intrigued to know what goes into pitch decks of successful startups. Thanks to this person here, a collection of pitch decks from successful startups was gathered and shared with the public. The common theme I notice is that every deck is set out to articulate on the problem, how the startup is positioned to solve it, how big the market is and as much information on the near/long-term plan. Though some decks use more visuals than others, the theme remains quite consistent. 


On a side note, the link should give you a glimpse of how versatile Airtable is. It is a combination of database and Excel. It has some features that Excel doesn’t such as various data type options for a cell, the ability to attach files in a cell (PDF) and different views (grid view or gallery view). You can create forms whose input will be populated into the sheets, just like a database. I was involved in a small consulting project for a local NGO and we recommended Airtable to the them after a demo. Our professor, team and client were satisfied with the functionalities of Airtable. 

Not so long ago, they reached more than $1bn in valuation. So apparently they are doing very well for themselves. If you look for a quick solution to your ordinary, but inefficient spreadsheets, Airtable may be worth a try. 

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