Book Buyback

As I am preparing to graduate, there are a few loose ends that I need to tie up, in addition to all the final presentations and papers. One of them is books. 

Even though I rarely have to buy physical copies of the books, there are still a few that were gifted to me by friends who were exchange students or graduated before me. Looking at the pile of books in my possession last night, I was hit by the idea of selling back books to get some money. There are two obvious choices: the school’s library and Amazon. The comparison is the point of this post. Below are a couple of comparisons that I ran.

On Amazon:

On my school’s bookstore:

The difference between the two is about $14 for the same two books in used conditions. Regarding logistics, I’d have to carry books to the school’s bookstore while a label would be sent by Amazon for free mail. I am glad now that I wouldn’t leave $14 on the table. Personally, I prefer trade-in with Amazon to becoming a 3rd party on their marketplace and taking care of the logistics of selling books myself. 

If you have books from your classes that you want to get rid of, you may want to consider different buyback vendors to get the best deal for your books. 

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