Checking if a point is in a polygon in Python and Javascript

This post will detail how to determine if a point with a longitude and a latitude resides within a polygon – an area comprised of multiple coordinates. There are two ways to accomplish the task, either in Python or in Javascript. 

In Javacript – Turf package

In order to accomplish the task in Javacript, I used turf package. The first thing to do is to add this line to the HTML where the task takes place

<script src=''></script>

Then, this is how the task is completed:

point = turf.point([longitude,latitude]); #the point in question

polygon = turf.polygon(#the polygon in question); #the polygon should come in the form of an array of points

turf.booleanPointInPolygon(point,poly) #return either True or False 

In Python

First, install the following:

from shapely.geometry import shape, Point

Then, this is how the task is accomplished:

coord = Point([longitude, latitude]) #this is the point in question

polygon = shape(property['geometry']) #the geometry part of a typical GEOJSON

polygon.contains(coord) #should return either True or False

Hope it is helpful to whoever is looking for an answer to this issue 

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