Book: The Alice Network

Looking for a good book to read, I came across a list prepared on the gothamgal website. A fan of stories with the two World Wars as a theme since you can be entertained and learn some historical lessons at the same time, I picked out this book and it didn’t disappoint

The book is a two parter. It starts with a quest by an American teenager named Charlotte St Claire, to find her lost cousin in France after World War II while being pregnant. Her limited leads, fate and audacity to defy her mother in order to find out the truth led her to meet Eve Gartner, a retired British spy with a score to settle from her eventful past. As the journey to help Charlotte locate her lost cousin progressed, it turned from a search mission to a vengeance one.

If you are a fan of feminism and looking for a good, not too intense, story taking place in the background of post World War II, you may want to give it a try.

We are not flowers to be plucked and shielded, Captain. We are flowers who flourish in evil.

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