Changing this blog’s domain

When I first started this blog, I couldn’t think of a proper name so I took the name that it has right now to convey what it truly is: just my thoughts. No big deal. Nothing special.

Gradually, I came across a concept that captures the essence of my intellectual curiosity and quest for constant personal growth: 1% every month. I am committed to growing myself by 1% every month. At that rate and with the help of compound interest, theoretically, I’ll grow by 100% after 5 or 6 years. Not bad for a return, isn’t it? If I start at the ability value of 100 and grow at 1% every month, below is how much my ability value in theory will be after a few years

Ability value

The target of 1% seems reasonable and realistic. Nothing dramatic to exhaust myself every month. I have no idea how to quantify personal growth, but I believe that if I keep reading, writing and learning every day for a few hours, the target will be hit at the end of the month.

With that being said, I’ll switch the domain justwhatminhthinks to onepercentamonth to express my commitment. Plus, it sounds a tad cooler and more professional. A quick research today on the topic revealed that the current followers might not see updates from this blog on their channel after the switch, but I figure the sooner the switch, the less baggage there will be. Hopefully, as there is more skin in the game with the changed name and the upgrade plan, I’ll have more motivation to write more often and write better.



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