Weekly reading – 13th May 2023


The best wit and wisdom from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting. If you read enough about Charlie and Warren, you won’t be surprised by these nuggets of wisdom. The point, though, is that they are as true as they ever were and it’s always good to be reminded

Many Strategies Fail Because They’re Not Actually Strategies. In my personal experience, folks use the “strategy” very loosely. Everything that resembles even a plan or an order of action can be called a strategy. Worse, strategies don’t often get enough time to show whether they bear fruits or not. There is often an intervention from the top. A whimsical decision made by someone in power that derails the current strategy or consumes valuable resources. And I rarely ever hear about what NOT to do. That part is as important as what to do.

Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ is the key to DC Studios’ future, oddly enough. The recent box office numbers seem to suggest that the superhero genre is saturated. I mean, it may well be true, but as the article suggests, we have been here before. Iron Man 3 and the second Thor movie netted disappointing returns, compared to the high standard that Marvel set for themselves. But the studio went on to create massive successes with several hits that took the top spots of the highest grossing ranking chart. Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the entertainment industry. Perhaps, this is the beginning of a struggle for Marvel. Or maybe the return of Bob Iger and his preference for quality to quantity will turn the tide for his studio. Who knows? Regardless, it’s an interesting space to watch

Want your hotel room cleaned every day? Hotel housekeepers hope you say yes. I get why housekeepers want to minimize the damage by cleaning the rooms everyday. It’s especially tough to clean up a big mess with only 3-4 hours before another check-in. However, as a traveler, I prefer cleaning at most every other day. And property operators will prioritize guest preferences.

Fairfax Financial: No Clues from the Past. An informative writeup on Fairfax

Other stuff I find interesting

Being socially disconnected is as harmful to our well-beings as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and even worse than obesity. Go out there and make connections. Seek help

($) Pop-Up Grand Prix: The Formula 1 Race Fans Don’t Get to See. F1 is known for its glamor and being the pinnacle of motor sports. The drivers are celebrities. As they should be. It takes special talent, training and luck to be among the only 20 individuals on Earth that can drive those cars. However, they are not the only heroes. They may not be the biggest heroes even. F1 takes an immeasurable work to put together a weekend. The logistics is hell. The ever increasing number of races across the globe doesn’t make it easy. This article sheds light on what a grueling task it is to make sure that things are where they should be and when they should. Because on Sunday, the green light goes, no matter what.

It’s the Guns. There are numerous examples, studies and statistics that support gun control, especially restrictions on assault rifles. Nobody is asking for taking all the guns away permanently and violating citizens’ freedom to carry. That’s not what is being asked for here. To be honest, gun control, REAL gun control may not work in America. But the point is that we never get to experiment and try to find out an answer definitively. There is always power in this country that prevents us from even testing gun control.

In Norway, the Electric Vehicle Future Has Already Arrived. Norway has stimulated the adoption of EVs better than many other countries , but there are still challenges. The government is concerned about the number of vehicles in circulation. Plus, EVs are not entirely harmless to the environment. EVs require rare minerals in their battery and their weight causes more asphalt and tire abrasion which leads to more unhealthy particles in the air.


Apple Card Savings received almost $1 billion in deposits in the first four days

Amazon’s ads reach totals an average monthly US audience of 155+ million

Non-compete clauses cost Americans $300 billion a year

Safari gained share in the desktop browser market in the US. Source

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