Weekly readings – 21st November 2020

What I wrote last week

AirBnb S-1

Raving reviews on Apple’s new chip M1


Digital ad spending is estimated to exceed traditional ad spending in the US this year

Amazon is about to make serious noise in the pharmaceutical industry

Intel and AMD have to talk about gigahertz and power because they are component providers and can only charge more by offering higher specifications. “We are a product company, and we built a beautiful product that has the tight integration of software and silicon,” Srouji boasted. “It’s not about the gigahertz and megahertz, but about what the customers are getting out of it.” 

Source: Why M1 matters to Apple


The Verge’s review of Apple Macbook Pro with M1 chip

What I found interesting

Republicans tend to sound the honk on the federal deficit when it’s convenient for them. Here is how BBC debunks the deficit myth

Why Obama fears for our democracy

It’s pretty heart-breaking to see what has been happening in Central Vietnam for the last few months. A Western reporter at Saigoneer courageously went there, took photos and wrote about it beautifully.

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